Empowering Architecture

7 months already have gone since we started building Stoor to help architects and designers connect with builders, developers and many other architects from all over the world. 
We are a platform that acts as an integrator and helps architects and users to complete the transaction of an architectural project successfully. As in many other sectors like music, movies, or digital content, our mission is to empower architecture, to democratize architecture, from a single-use / costly / and unproductive way of use, into a mainstream / cheap and efficient new era of the architecture. 

Since the beginning we haven’t even communicated anything, so we would like to share our insight stories, news, and challenges that excite us every day.

We want to build our story with all of you.

We understand that architecture is a very wide and rich discipline, and if we want to create an impact on the world, we should connect millions of people that work every day in the future of architecture. People like you.

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