Lessons Learned from Apple

If you have not been to the new Apple store on Fifth Avenue, do it soon. In a city where everything is big and loud, the Apple store stands out by being small and quiet. It is simply genius.
When you are there, take a good look at Apple as a business.
The Apple brand is all about design. From the glass cube above the plaza to the structural glass stair (patent pending by Apple) leading down to the simple, clear layout of the store below. Everything says Apple.

The employees are all very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. You never feel intimidated. They’re nice. Being nice is my first rule for a successful business.
Apple products are beautiful, easy to use and never fail; the complete opposite of every other computer company.

I am continuously looking to other industries to learn how the best of the best build successful businesses. I take what I learn and apply the lessons to my own firm. A trip to the Fifth Avenue Apple store was a whole semester’s worth of learning all wrapped up in one day.

Be like Apple, and Open you Online Studio


Written by Mark R. LePage

Source: Entrearchitect

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