Message for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, you…

want to fail. Knowing, understanding, and being willing to adopt failure as a way of learning to go a little further in the next effort.

have a little bit of shame every day, a lot of humility especially towards yourself, and a lot of empathy with everything around you, understanding the environment at a molecular level, and breaking your head to put pieces together.

enjoy the bipolar feeling that overwhelms you every day, with delusions of eating the world followed by deep discouragement where you feel like you are about to throw in the towel, even though you know you never will.

cope with your family complaining because ‘you work too much and ‘they never see you and your employees complaining because they feel you are exploiting them, not understanding that you are sharing the profit, but not the risk.

have constant faith and fight for a dream while improving your life and the lives of everyone involved.

care about bringing food to several tables, besides your own, and collaborating greatly to the development of the country with the taxes you pay.

take risks with passion, with a pinch of fear but with a certain pedantry to each of the setbacks that arise daily, and to want to take the path of learning as a long-term process that will last a lifetime.

look for opportunities beyond controlled resources. It’s not about managing uncertainty, it’s about managing it and enduring it.

endure that if things go well they will envy you, they will say that you were lucky, that you cheated, or that you got it for free; if things go wrong they will say that you are a fool, they will say how ‘it should have been done even though they have never tried it themselves.

are able to go skiing on a Wednesday, being able to get up at 11am the day you want, being able to set your agenda as you please, … but being aware that YOUR CUSTOMERS (and your employees first) are above everything. EVERYTHING.

…and even then, it’s having constant faith and fighting for a dream, while improving your life and the lives of everyone involved.

… it’s very hard, but also a lot of fun!

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

If you are an entrepreneur, congratulations. I admire you.

I applaud you, I support you, I accompany you, I listen to you and above all, I respect you.

Because only those who carry the bag know what it weighs.

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