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Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling.

They are built with meticulous attention to detail and rigorous design and construction according to principles developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany, and can be certified through an exacting quality assurance process.

Passivhaus buildings achieve a 75% reduction in space heating requirements, compared to standard practice for UK new build. The Passivhaus standard therefore gives a robust method to help the industry achieve the 80% carbon reductions that are set as a legislative target for the UK Government. Passivhaus also applies to retrofit projects, achieving similar savings in space heating requirements.

Evidence and feedback to date shows that Passivhaus buildings are performing to standard, which is crucial, given that the discrepancy between design aspiration and as-built performance for many new buildings in the UK can be as much as 50-100%.

The traditional structure features two posts with a horizontal log on top. A layer of branches leans on the structure to create a sloping roof, leaving one side of the structure open. The angles of the roof are orientated so that they can be used to host solar panels, which enable the cabin to go off-grid.

Inside, the open-plan living, kitchen and dining space features large expanses of glazing that offer views to the covered outdoor patio and the surrounding landscape beyond.

“Its layout gives priority to the common areas,” said the architects. “A spacious indoors living room and kitchen, as well as generous outdoor patios create spaces where people can spend time together.”

A black, wood-burning stove is placed against a concrete chimney breast on the end wall. On the outside, this creates a sheltered alcove for storing gear like paddles and life jackets.

The house also features a master bedroom, two single bedrooms and a family bathroom. These are accessed from the main living spaces by a long corridor, which features a window at the end.

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