6 Reasons Why Every Architect Should Write a Blog

Running a blog that complements your architectural practice can have a significant impact on the success of your business. Approaches may vary in format and choice of platform, but writing combined with designing can help you build a strong online presence, reach new audiences and gain useful feedback from your clients.

Writing about architecture and writing about architectural theory are different animals. While architectural theory may appeal to a niche audience of academics and writers, the key to having a great blog that boasts your business is addressing issues to which people can relate. Blogging as an architect has little to do with your writing ability, although a certain level of literacy and coherence is expected.

Instead, it can provide a great space for showing your sketches, latest projects, announce office events and new developments in the firm. Those intimidated by words can make it easier for themselves to get into blogging by treating writing as talking-it is all about communicating ideas that will help grow your business and market your brand.

The benefits of having a blog are multifold, but these can be condensed into a few major points which will help future architecture bloggers understand the purpose of their literary efforts:

#1 – Become an Authority

The first rule of blogging is to find your niche. In the majority of cases, trying to become a sort of jack-of-all-trades results in incoherence and rambling that makes it tough for people to follow on a regular basis. Providing content with relative thematic consistency will create a body of work that is recognizable and specific. In the case of architecture, you can utilize blogging as a way of underlining your specialties such as residential architecture, commercial buildings, renovations, interior design, etc. This will instill trust among readers and help you to share your knowledge and teach your audience. The amount of research you put into your blog posts, coupled with a genuine interest and practical experience will convey a great image and make you recognizable as an expert.

#2 – Build an Audience

Blogging has become a great tool for entrepreneurs, as it helps build reputation and expands your reach. A blog is a great place where you can improve your brand, engage with future clients and, if you develop a smart content strategy, it can help you grow a following even if you don’t have a completed product to offer. Once you acquire a decent number of followers, you can test out new ideas and offer services and products that make the cut.

#3 – Grow Your Network

Blogging can lead to different networking opportunities that will get you out of your chair and interacting with people face to face. You can invite colleagues and friends to become guest bloggers or become one yourself, interview experts and be interviewed, get yourself invited to speak at events, and attract potential employees. Blogging doesn’t just build online relationships, but allows you to mingle with people in person and meet like-minded professionals. In turn, these personal contacts will bring more exposure and relevancy to your blog and design practice.

#4 – Tell Your Story

It is common knowledge that people relate better to stories than conventional presentation of design work. Having a blog can bring a new, unmediated experience to your audience and bring them closer to the way you work. It can be a great archival tool that allows you to store and document your thoughts and project development practices by presenting them through storytelling.

#5 – Obtain Feedback

Sharing your blog posts with a selected group of friends and trusted colleagues can provide excellent feedback on your work and will help you see things from a different perspective. Once you’ve expanded your reach and gained regular readers, the feedback you get from a large number of people can help examine all the facets of an idea, build a more analytical approach to understanding past projects and prepare for future ones. You become more approachable and easier to reach, be it through the comment section or via email.

#6 – Inspire Others

Loving what you do and managing to produce interesting work is bound to shine through your blogging. There is little else than can inspire people more than dedication, love for a certain discipline and the readiness to engage in dialogue. Done right, building a collection of architecture you like and design that inspires you, providing observations on popular issues and conveying practical experiences will help inspire others, teach them to implement your ideas and creative strategies in their own work.


In order to disseminate your work and blog content, it is important to engage some of the most popular social media and online platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Making these practices an integral part of your daily life and treating writing as an extension of your architectural work can be a recipe for success.

If you’re not sure how to get started, check out our step-by-step guide on how to create your own blog in minutes.

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