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Detached house with garage and terrace

The two-storey building is a home for a young, married couple in rural Munich.

As the pair had a limited budget, they could only afford to build a small residence for themselves. But they wanted a building that would be easy to extend when they have a family.

Bamboo Arquitectura’s solution was to create the structure of a larger home, but to leave two-thirds of it empty for the time being.

“The simple economic concept is that the owners have now built the part that they could afford, while the rest has untapped potential for what life might bring,”.

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“By completely extending the roof at the beginning of the project, they significantly reduce the work for adding space when needed, and they have the area under the roof as a resource in the meantime.”

This design also addressed another issue the architects needed to resolve. The husband was keen to create a cosy home, while his wife, who works as a deer hunter, wanted practical spaces for storing guns and butchery equipment.

The sheltered veranda space serves this purpose, without impacting on the comfort of the domestic spaces. It can also be used for various other purposes, such as for hosting parties or as a garage for vehicles.

The home is very traditional, with a grid of windows on each facade, while the veranda is more contemporary. Instead of rectilinear openings, its entrances are triangular.

Short description

  • Project name: Detached house with garage and terrace
  • Location: Germany, Munich
  • Type: Residential
  • Architect: Bamboo Arquitectura
  • Year: 2018
  • Size: 274.6 m2
  • Software used:
    Autodesk Revit
    Twin Motion

Project features

  • Architectural blueprint
  • Revit file prepared for a great customization.
  • More than 15 objects included in the project
  • Sections and Elevations in 1: 100 scale
  • Proven structure calculations

Project content

  • 1 Architecture RVT file (v1) (48,5mb)
  • 1 PDF file with full graphic documentation (Spanish, 58 pages, 12mb)
  • 2 JPG file of the project images (10mb)
  • Complete documentation included in the ZIP file

Important notes

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Change Log

  • Version 1.0.0
    • Kitchen update
    • Updated documentation
    • 1 JPG file
    • 1 RVT file
    • PDF graphic documentation file updated

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