When I launched our firm’s website back in 1999, there were few architects online. We started Fivecat Studio with no clients and no cash. A few friends commissioned us to design small residential, retail and restaurant projects. We photographed them, launched and the rest is history.

From those early projects to this day, the majority of our leads have been generated by our website. It is the main element of our marketing strategy.
Since experiencing our success, I have been on a crusade to convince my peers of the importance of being online.

Unless you’re not interested in new clients, it is essential that you are online. The first place people go to research anything is the Internet. If your firm is not listed on Google and Yahoo, you don’t exist.

This month, Entrepreneur magazine online lists the top-10 trademarks of stellar websites. I urge you to read the article, but here’s the list:

  1. Descriptive tag lines
  2. Excellent content
  3. Edited text
  4. Simple design
  5. Using text hyperlinks
  6. Consistent layout
  7. Sticking with what works
  8. A focus on search
  9. Guided search
  10. Designing for users

Whether you’re online or not, this article will give you the basics for getting results.

Are you online? Is your website a successful part of your marketing strategy? Not online? Tell us why. Share your thoughts and ideas by clicking the “comments” link above.

Open your Online Studio


Written by Mark R. LePage

Source: Entrearchitect

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